Women Peace Education

IWPG Peace Education is a process that makes known why 3.8 billion women should be united as one,
and what women may do, which it helps all women world- wide learn and practice the spirit of peace.
This practical peace education allows people to realize that peace from oneself can be extended to the home,
society, nation, and the whole world will grow with women around the world as peace leaders.


Peace Workshop

IWPG Peace Education awakens the spirit of peace and is a program for women to become one with IWPG. As part of the program, the seed of peace can be implanted into the hearts of 3.8 billion women.


Step by Step Women Peace Education

The Women Peace Education is an education that awakens the role and mission of women and fosters women peace leaders in achieving peace. The Women Peace Education consists of enlightenment, human rights, peace, and leadership. The steps are applied according to the circumstances of each country and region. Among these programs, ‘Peace Step’ is an education that every woman should take as a global citizen.


Peace Lecturer Training

The goal of Women’s Peace Lecturer Training Education is to educate professional educators who can give education for peace in their region and country with the spirit of peace. Being a peace lecturer representing the IWPG will be a prestigious and honorable qualification that lasts long from generation to generation in the future.