Member Dues(CMS)

Member Dues(CMS)

Information on Periodic Membership Dues

CMS is a automatic payment method to pay membership dues on a designated date every month

Application for Periodic Membership Dues

If you apply to pay the periodic membership dues through the IWPG website,
you can check the statements online. Members who want other methods of payment can contact us at 02-577-7440

One Time Payment


Those who wish to make a one time donation can donate through the IWPG bank account.


Kookmin Bank 750601-01-237132 International Women's Peace Group

  • * The International Women's Peace Group is a non-proft organization so there is a registration fee of 10,000 won upon registration as per the terms.
  • * The deposit must be made with with your name to check the statements for membership dues and donations.
  • * Payments made with corporate accounts cannot access the statements for membership dues and donations.